Monday, March 21, 2011

Simplification, Bamboo and the Florida Urban Permaculture Farm

Am trying my best to simplify.  This week is my birthday week and I've been on a healthy diet for the last six months - ever since my last stomach operation.  I am convinced I can reverse all the damage with a steady diet of organically grown greens, fresh air and urban permaculture.

Urban Farm Florida - Bamboo Chopsticks, Rocket Flowers & Cilantro!

So this week I am going to eat only what grows on our Urban Farm lot here in Jacksonville, supplemented with my favorite snack - herring.

I've really put forth the effort to simplify lately, passing along an entire truckload of tools I'd accumulated to my son Adam yet I still have a massive amount of 'stuff'.  I want to simplify down to the bare minimum.  

Recognizing my non-sustainable habits has been a learning experience.  I had always thought nothing of grabbing a clean drinking glass from the kitchen cabinet when thirsty and putting it into the sink.  Yet all those glasses and dishes add up to a cumulative carbon footprint with running the dishwasher, hot water, soap and then the human factor - all the hours of loading and unloading the dishwasher.

So I start my week with a new resolve.  I am eating only from the urban farm - we have lots of veggies growing and then for protein supplement - my herring.

The real test will be at night when the 'sugar' urge kicks in.  I'll be making a bee-line for the sugar snap peas probably.  

Finally, in conjunction with the simplification and eating locally, I am adopting chop-sticks made from bamboo growing here as a permanent replacement for silverware.

I'll post daily to let you know how the week long personal sustainable project is coming! :)

Enjoy the photo of the home-made chopsticks, home-grown rocket flowers and fresh urban farm cilantro!  BTW - delicious!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Update on Urban Farm Raised Veggie Beds, Jacksonville Permaculture

Last Photo was Feb 1.  Last month brought little rain but lots of vegetable growth in the raised bed organic soil medium. Watch how the veggies grow.  The first three photos are mid February and the last was taken first week in March.

We are already enjoying our homegrown organic produce and saving a bundle while growing them!

Jacksonville Urban Farm Raised Veggie Beds

Jacksonville Urban Farm Raised Veggie Beds

Jacksonville Urban Farm Raised Veggie Beds

March 2011 Jacksonville Urban Farm Raised Veggie Beds