Monday, November 15, 2010

Jacksonville Permaculture by Eli and Valerie! Wow!

Eli and Val's Permaculture Haven
Eli and Val opened their yard for a group of permaculture fans here in Jacksonville yesterday.  It is amazing how much food they grow on a small plot.

The entire ground area is dedicated to food production and fiber and medicine plants.

They have also embraced growing plans vertically.

Yard Long Beans hang from the wall over the front door and cover the camellia bushes.

There are small, winding paths throughout the front yard, down the side yards and across the back yards.

Eli and Val's Edible Yard
They start most of their plants from seed and have constructed a beautiful seed sprouting area in the side yard.

Amazingly, they have grouped together plants to repel pests and the entire permaculture operation is pest-free - a creative integrated pest management system in itself!

Eli runs an Urban Gardens business and you can watch his Urban Permaculture Video by clicking here (opens in a new window).

As always, email us with your permaculture questions!  Kevin

Seed Starting Area

Sunday, November 14, 2010

DIY Greenhouse Design 12 x 25 for less than $25.00!

Cheap but functional greenhouse for permaculture!
Used Scrap electrical conduit, fence posts, plastic Judy had and large office paperclips.

All available in your neighborhood trashpiles usually.

Look forward to hearing about your designs!

Judy's Seedlings in the new greenhouse

Fence posts, rails and conduit make up frame.

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Inebriated Bees

Probably more exhilarated or stupefied than inebriated, the bees Judy was referring to were all congregating around her Backyard Urban Permaculture Garden growing the tall and glorious sunflowers.

We all laughed.  But she was on to something.

The sunflowers were actually loaded with pollen.

WE didn't know just HOW MUCH until she brought one into the house and we placed it in the kitchen windowsill.

WOW!  Check out the photo to see how much pollen fell off overnight....

Happy Urban Gardening!


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